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Whether you are a long-time patient or new to our office, we would love to hear from you. If you’ve had an experience at Bahr Chiropractic Wellness Center that you would like to share with us or with others, please feel free to contact us.

Until 2 years ago I was completely against chiropractic care. When my son turned breech at 35 weeks pregnant I decided to try anything possible to get him to turn and my midwife reccomended the Webster technique. I was living in Florida at the time. While it did not help my son turn, it did take away my debilitating SPD pain. From that moment on, I became a believer. When I found out I was pregnant with my third child, I decided to go to a chiropractor starting as early as possible in hopes to avoid a second csection. I found Dr Bahr as the only Webster certified in the area and made an appointment. She saw me from my first trimester all the way until delivery. I even got an adjustment while I was in active labor!! It was by far my easiest pregnancy/delivery. I had zero SPD pain, and any discomfort I felt was relieved by my adjustments. Dr Bahr suggested more frequent visits towards the end, and I am certain the adjustment played a huge role in my baby’s proper position for birth. I had the easiest, all natural VBAC delivery, and I would recommend any pregnant woman go see Dr Bahr NOW!! Extreamly professional, genuine, kind, and understanding. She even let me tote my two wild kids along to every appointment!! 5 stars, A++

– Lara

“After relocating to the hills, I needed to find a new chiropractor. A good friend of mine had told about Dr Kim Bahr. I have lived with major back pain most of my adult life and after my first appointment, I felt instant relief. Kim explained each procedure and how it would benefit me. I highly recommend Dr Kim Bahr as her care and professionalism are truly one of a kind.”

-Tracy Boom

“At the beginning I found it hard to be that the allergy treatments could work, but they DO! I feel so much better, I have been healthier since going to Bahr Chiropractic over the years!”

– Margaret Kuntz

“Bahr Chiropractic is the most effective treatment I have have received for spinal adjustment and allergies. Dr. Kim is very professsional and knowledgeable.”

– Naomi Hatfield

“I’ve been going to Kim ever since I could remember. Every time I go I always feel new and refreshed, she’s such an amazing chiropractor. I’ve always suggested people and family to go to her and I always get great results back from them! I highly recommend Kim if you ever need to be adjusted or feel like you do or for anything, she’s a great chiropractor and an amazing person as well!:)”

– Cherish Anderson

“When I went in I could barely walk and when I came out I could stand up straight and walk with out hurting”

– Daryl Hayes

“Bahr Chiropractic has been an amazing experience for my family! Kim is amazing at working with children. She is gentle, kind, and understanding with all of us. The brain core therapy and the allergy treatments really work! It is amazing to know that there is help out there and that there can be joy in the journey once again. I would recommend Bahr chiropractic to anyone!”

– Laurie Scott

“I am a true believer in Dr Kim Bahr. Dr Bahr treated my allergies with great success. Additionally, I had chronic back issues and Dr Bahr had an amazing ability to locate and adjust my issue. I highly recommend her. Thank you Dr Kim!”

– Cindy Ruff

“Kim is so great with children. My daughter loves Kim Bahr!!”

– Shawna Martin

“I saw a significant improvement in my son after Braincore Therapy & I had noticeable symptom relief after Allergy treatment with Dr. Bahr. Thank you!”

– Gina Suelflow

“I’ve been going to Kim for years. It’s always such a friendly and professional environment. I recommend all my friends and family there.”

– Kimberly Anderson

“If you are looking for a chiropractor for the first time or are just looking for a new one, I strongly recommend going to Kim. She is wonderful and dedicated to helping people learn more about chiropractic benefits and getting people on the road to recovery! All in all, She is amazing, and i couldn’t recommend anyone better for your chiro needs in Rapid City! :)”

– Lori Cook

“I was in a car accident in 1990 and injured my neck. I have found relief after being treated by Dr Kim Bahr. I have found her neck adjusting techniques better then any our Chiropractor I had tried. Thank you Dr Kim for this pain relief!”

– Robin Schamber

“Bahr Chiropractic Wellness Center and Dr. Kim Bahr is the one thing I miss the most about living in Rapid City, South Dakota. The high quality of care she gives all of her patients is a once-in-a-lifetime find. She really, truly, genuinely cares about each and every person she treats. For this reason, I will get in my car and drive the two hours to see her when needed. I have had a variety of treatments at Kim’s office. The most life changing was that age 2 my oldest child had a severe allergy to grass. Every time we mowed the lawn he was miserable. I could not stand to see the effects of Benadryl and him looking “dopey” all the time. Kim treated him ONE time and he’s never had a problem again. He’s now 8. I encourage you to visit Kim and find out for yourself how spectacular she is. You won’t be disappointed. She’s so much more than a Chiropractor!!!!”

– Suzie Schaer Harris

“I have been to several chiropractors in my life and Dr. Kim Bahr is by far the best one I’ve been to. Her techniques work very well. I travel 100 miles from Nebraska just to see her! I also have had her allergy treatments which seem to work well. I very rarely take any allergy medicine now whereas before I took allergy medicine on a daily basis! Her personality is very likable and she is also very professional. Thank you, Dr. Kim!!!”

– Micki Carson

“I went in to see Dr Bahr originally as my neck was very sore and I could not trust anybody to mess with it. I could never relax. Kim used a different method and it worked and was wonderful. I will stick with her, as she has a great personality and is a down to earth person.”

– Sherry Sidle

“I love my visit’s with Dr Kim. She is either helping me with my allergies of all kinds, Helping my constant neck and shoulder pain or the latest– Helping me with Depression and sleep issues. Please contact her today to see how she can help you!! Thanks Kim Bahr and Bahr Chiropractic! Can’t wait for my June appointments.”

– Bobi Wagner-Fanning

“Dr. Kim Bahr is one of a kind. She does everything she can to find the right diagnostic procedure to fit your needs. She made my life worth living again. Migraines are a thing of the past thanks to her tech machines. She’s the BEST!!”

– Susan Ridl

“Dr. Kim is awesome! She’s always very thorough and explains everything in layman’s terms so that it’s easy for me to understand. I always leave there feeling better than when I walked in. I highly recommend her!”

– Mike Fischer

“Dr. Kim has always been an incredible help for back and joint pain. She takes her time to explain what is wrong and what the treatment is first. Her techniques are simple and easy – other chiropractors bend you into a pretzel trying to adjust you – not Kim. She only treats the problem, not hoping to crack every joint in your body hoping to cure the problem.”

– Vern Burress

“I have suffered with being allergic to smoke for years. One treatment from Bahr Chiropractic Wellness Center and I was able to be in smoky casinos and bars in Las Vegas the past three days with no side effects at all. I highly recommend Advanced Allergy Therapeutics.”

– Gloria Bahr McGough

“My husband has seen a lot of improvement of his back pain since he started going to Dr. Bahr. He says he feels better than he did for the entire 2 years he used another chiropractor.”

– Samantha McCully

“Dr. Kim got me right in when I was in a bind, really had great customer service. I was able to walk out of the office feeling amazing.”

– Sarah Bowser

“Dr. Kim is great! She has helped our family with allergies and back pain. I know her brain core therapy is great as well! Thank you Dr. Kim!!”

– Julie Mechaley

“Dr. Kim is amazing! She is the only chiropractor I will take my family to. She genuinely cares about your health.”

– Sarah Sukraw

“I had to get in ASAP for a headache that was getting bigger and bigger. Kim gave me a afternoon time, but then I had to move it up to morning….she was pretty flexible. Love her prices and care and easy adjustments.”

– Deanna Becket

“Dr. Kim Bahr has helped my boys so much by doing Brain Core Therapy. I would recommend this treatment for all children suffering from PTSD, ADHD, ADD, any kind of learning disability, Anxiety, Depression, and many more. I can not tell you enough positives on this type of therapy.”

– Cheryl Barker

“I suffer from horrendous migraines & Dr Bahr can have them releasing in a matter of moments, no drugs or excuses, she’s the greatest.”

– Liz Beckett

“Absolutely outstanding Chiropractic Care and braincore Neuro feedback services!! Our entire family highly recommends Dr. Bahr!! The customer service stands alone and compares to none other.”

– Tina Skog Garfield

“Dr. Kim is amazing! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and professional, her awesome personality has you looking forward to your appointments.”

– Pam Jarnecke

“Bahr Chiropractic is awesome! Kim is an amazing provider. She listens to your concerns, and does the best she can to make you comfortable while you are in her office. I have seen her for allergies, ear infections, as well as neck/back adjustments. She is a miracle worker! Keep up the great work, Kim!”

– Heather Beaumont McGough

“Dr Bahr’s quest for whole body wellness is unsurpassed.”

– Gypsy Jo

“I love Bahr Chiropractic Kim treats her patients with respect and is sincerely interested in her patients care and wellbeing my husband and daughter are also patients love this office we have the best chiropractor in Rapid City Kim is great with all ages of patients I give Bahr Chiropractic a five star rating.”

– Janelle Erhart-Scherr

“Kim is great to work with. She is extremely thoughtful & caring. I felt like she cared about my well being & I wasn’t just another appointment in the book.”

– CareyBrenda Jonasson-Hieb